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AACM’s Botox & Filler training courses offer hands-on training, certification, and a road to a new career.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of your cosmetic training course depends on which course you take. However, the entire program lasts six hours if you are taking an online course. You also have the option to visit and shadow either Dr. Sajan or Dr. Khezri for three days. If you want a longer course, we have other in-person options available.

The online course is a great alternative if you don’t have the time or resources to attend our program in person. You will still receive great instruction and have the option to observe clinic flow if you can. It does not include some of the more in-depth instruction as our in-person advanced course, but you can always attend this at a later date.

After you finish your training course, you will have the option to take a written and oral exam and become a certified injector able to use the title FAACM. You can gain access to material that’s constantly updated and take our other courses for in-depth learning. You will also have access to the instructors whenever you need and can ask questions or advice if you are a part of our program.