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Career Pathways – How to Become a Lip Injector

For the past decade, lip fillers have been the cosmetic procedure everyone is talking about. Whether they love it or hate it, lip filler injections have undeniably become more popular than ever. Becoming a lip injector—and aesthetic injector generally—offers medical professionals the opportunity to better control their working environments and enjoy more flexibility in a fulfilling and rewarding career. Here are the basics on how to become a lip injector.

Medical Licensure

Lip injectors—in Washington State, and most other states—must have some sort of medical licensure. The lowest acceptable license is usually a registered nurse. Some states do allow medically trained estheticians to perform lip filler injections, but Washington does not. Completing a typical nursing program and obtaining a license is necessary. Most people interested in becoming aesthetic injectors likely already have these qualifications or are headed toward them.

Above registered nurses in the medical hierarchy, nearly anyone can perform lip injections with proper training. Everyone from plastic surgeons to dentists to nurse practitioners and physician assistants can perform aesthetic injections.

Training & Certification

All states have different requirements beyond medical licensure. Usually, there are a certain number of training hours required for a medical professional to be considered proficient in performing aesthetic injections. Often, a weekend course with combined instruction and hands-on training satisfies this requirement. However, some may choose to take more than one course or a more extensive course.

While not always necessary, it is highly recommended that injectors continue their education, which may include taking part in educational events or consuming material put out by a board or other training provider.

Finding A Job

There are two primary pathways to start working as a lip injector. First—and most commonly—an injector can get a job at an existing medical spa, plastic surgeon’s office, dermatology clinic, or other medical office providing aesthetic injections. Secondly, an injector may choose to start their own medical spa or injection business. Each state has different requirements for who can do this, but often a registered nurse needs to partner with a physician (who does not need to be on-site most of the time). Both options have their benefits and drawbacks, and the right one for you will depend on your work preferences. Many training programs—including AACM—may offer some insight into both career pathways.

Best Lip Injector Training in USA

The American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine, or AACM, offers Botox and filler training to medical professionals looking to advance or change their careers. Our students come from around the United States and the world to participate in hands-on training with live patients, see demonstrations, and gain the basic medical knowledge necessary to become successful aesthetic injectors.

AACM offers beginner and advanced courses. Generally, the recommended course depends on your existing medical license and experience with medical injections. For example, a physician will likely have most of the anatomical and medical knowledge necessary and may have some limited experience. Thus, the advanced course may work better for them. However, most students will start with the beginner course and can take the advanced course if they want.